How we put the $1000 grant from the American Small Business Championship to use

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So much has happened since the American Small Business Championship Symposium in Dallas!  (If you’ve missed the post about the trip, you can read all about it here.) New team members, studio improvements, new website layout that is more user friendly, new opportunities – all exciting stuff!

At the symposium, we were awarded a $1000 grant in the form of a Sam’s Club gift card.
Because we could not have gone this far in the competition without your help and support, we really wanted to update you on what we were able to do with the prize and the difference that it’s making for us.

The first purchase was a HP Pavilion Touchscreen laptop. It was a no brainer because we didn’t have a computer in the studio yet. As you can imagine, computer tasks are an important part of our work as an e-commerce.


Some of the reasons it’ll be a fantastic asset:
- it’ll be easier to connect with you on social media and to share our work in progress;
- it’ll allow to work remotely (it’s already been put to use at a meeting with my SCORE mentor and this mom on the go will really get a ton of use out of it!);

remote working parent play place laptop
Working while my son is enjoying a play maze on a rainy day

- at our occasional pop up shops, we’ll be able to offer our customers to get measured on the spot and to place their order on the laptop to receive a custom sized jewelry - like a perfectly fitting choker or bracelet!

To advertise the new custom measurement service in person, we purchased this standing sign (and back at the studio, it’s used as a daily To Do List board):

sign arthlin signage stand score foundation grant prize purchase


We also got a few sheets of these new stickers that makes our purple mailers extra pretty & encourage social media shares:

arthlin packing purple mailer social media sticker instagram

The last (but not least!) studio improvement is a new permanent packing station. No more having to clear one of the jewelers desk on packing days! It’s an ergonomic sit or stand desk with adjustable height and it fits right over the photo tent which is perfect for our current space.

arthlin jewelry studio photo desk

 And a stool for the desk:

stool desk adjustable pneumatic arthlin studio

The new workstation will allow us to save time and to hire one more person!

arthlin purple packaging packing desk in use

Speaking of new hires, I would like to welcome two fantastic ladies to the team. Karen started working with us as a contractor a couple of weeks ago.  And Katie, our first intern from Bates college, is starting next week!


Again, thank you SO MUCH to our customers, friends and family for making all of this possible for Arthlin.

Thank you to the SCORE foundation and to Sam’s Club for all that you do to support small local businesses.

We're excited to put the new equipment to good use and thankful for the new possibilities it brings!


~ Lincey 

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