The Patriotic Choker

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As some of you know, I’m a French Canadian expat who moved to the USA after my husband came back from his first deployment in Afghanistan. After an incredibly tough and eventful year, it was the biggest relief to be reunited.

While he served in the US Army, we got to travel the country (especially along the East Coast) and meet extraordinary people. Among them were soldiers and army wives that will always remain special friends/extended family to us. After going through the immigration process and living in the US for a couple of years, something became very clear: the USA now felt like home to me.

Through my work, I wanted to design something that celebrates this country and its people. Introducing the patriotic choker: a fun, festive accessory inspired by the flag colors.


The inspiration behind it is:

  • A sparkly red choker band that represents a flag stripe;
  • A silver star to symbolize the 50 stars over the blue field ;
  • A bow shape as a feminine version of Uncle Sam’s bow tie;
  • A white glass bead as the end of the extender to complete the flag’s colors.

uncle sam

Show your patriotism and wear it with pride on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Troops Homecomings, political events, to show support of US teams & more.

Because this accessory is made in Auburn (Maine) by our small team, your purchase supports a small American business and you’ll enjoy the distinct quality of an American-made product.  

It's available on with free shipping and also on Amazon with Prime shipping options here .

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What are your plans for this coming Memorial Day weekend (May 27th-29th)? 
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