Introducing a New Laser Cut Jewelry Line

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It's been so long! I hope you had a fantastic summer. It's been a nice one here in Maine, with hard work behind the scenes and some fun trips to beaches, Farmers' Markets and small towns fairs. Today I get to share what's been in the works at Arthlin's for the past couple of months and I am SO. EXCITED. 


Last year, I received several personalization requests and looked into tools that would allow products to be customized with customers' names and pictures. After some research, laser engraving seemed like the way to go. So fast forward to a few months later this May, we drove to Florida, attended training and brought back home the studio's first CNC machine. 


The summer was spent testing graphic designs and different laser settings  - usually sketching in the evening and running the machine during the day. I quickly realized that operating the laser is an art in itself and it's been fascinating to pair it with the art of jewelry making. I refused to show or sell anything until I was confident the new products were as perfect as can be (it was totally worth the wait), and I am thrilled to finally be able to introduce the first laser cut designs.


I didn't plan to fall in love with wood as a material for jewelry making, but it's exactly what happened. Just like leather, wood allows to create statement accessories that are sophisticated, yet is lightweight and comfortable to wear daily. Let's start with the new Wave Earrings, inspired by the beautiful Maine beaches:

They are handpainted and finely sanded for a smooth, glossy finish. Wear them by the pool or to make it through the cold months ahead with a stylish touch of sunshine. ;-)


The next piece is a stainless steel pendant that makes a heartfelt gift. Customized with a heart cut-out wooden medallion, we'll engrave your important date, name or inspirational word. You'll notice we picked stainless steel as a metal for all the new jewelry as it's hypoallergenic and have been preferred by our customers in the past. Special request for different metals (silver-plated, gold-plated, sterling) are welcome as always.

stainless steel custom wooden medallion pendant
You'll also notice some photo gifts options being added in our catalog, like the new wooden engraved pictures ornaments. Please let us know in the comments if you're interested in seasonal custom gifts items, and if so, what would you like to see in the future? Photo key chains? Picture engraved chopping board? Framed leather engravings? We're all ears! 

In the meantime, the regular line has grown as well with the addition of a new velvet choker and a new pair of leather earrings:



        And lastly, some more exciting things...      

This fall you can expect:

- A new discounted "Product Spotlight of the Month". 
We'll ask YOU to vote for the product you'd like to see on sale on Facebook.

- New custom photo jewelry (leather engraved set in stainless steel. It's soooo neat and I can't wait to share).

-New DIY kits with wooden earrings/pendant blanks for you to paint & wear. I'm working on a collection of shapes and engraved pattern for the first kit!

- You'll see more of Arthlin on social media. 

-You'll see more of Arthlin at local vending events. (You can shop a display of Arthlin's goodies at Whiting's Farm gifts section in Auburn and the Events calendar will be updated with the first Holidays fair dates shortly)



Thank you for your continued support and for making it possible for my Maine studio to grow. I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming local fairs if you're in the area or hearing from you in the comments. Take care!


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