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Why choose Arthlin?

Before Arthlin was founded, Lincey had 10 years of experience making jewelry and perfecting the choker accessory. Over the years, she allied the best materials and techniques to design the products Arthlin offers today.

We pay attention to all the details so that you'll love your jewelry and enjoy it for a long time.

Some examples of the extra steps we take:

♢Hand selecting the materials before it becomes part of your jewelry - materials that are not absolutely perfect are repurposed or donated;
♢Gently sanding the edges of metal endings to optimize comfort;
♢Testing each clasp 3 times as part of our quality control.

Your Arthlin purchase supports a small American business!
All of our products are handcrafted in beautiful Auburn, Maine by our team.
We take pride in sourcing up to 95% of our packaging and materials in the USA as well.

As the demand for Arthlin's products grew, being able to offer creative and flexible jobs in our community has given a new meaning to Arthlin as a small business.




When ordering directly from Arthlin, we're happy to make your jewelry to your measurements (at no extra cost to you).
Just provide the size around your neck (taken snug, in the middle of the neck) and we'll take care of the rest so your jewelry has the best fit possible.

If your "One size fits most" purchase doesn't fit as you expected, we'll fix it!
(Just send it back to us with instructions. We'll adjust it for free and cover the shipping to send it back to you.)


Over the years, we had the chance to serve thousands of customers on the Etsy and Amazon platforms. We have built our reputation and take great responsability in honoring it with every single order.

If you're not 100% satisfied with your order, contact us and we'll make it right.

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Our current efforts to give back:

-Paid internships for local Arts colleges students. The goal is for interns to try out the handmade/e-commerce lifestyle and receive mentoring to start their own project (when applicable).
-Free support group to empower and provide tools to self-employed artisans looking to grow their businesses (Scale Handmade Mastermind).
-We volunteer to foster dogs for a Maine-based rescue a few times a year. (Nothing like puppies snuggles at break time!)


More projects are brewing. As we expand, our ability to do good grows, too. Stay tuned!  


Arthlin's story begins with Lincey, born in Quebec, Canada. She comes from an artistic family and experimented painting, sewing, sculpting and other crafts as she grew up. Her mother's house was filled with handmade artwork - to the point that the color of the paint on the walls could barely be seen. For the past 15 years, jewelry has been her favorite way to create.

She first became serious about making jewelry as a means to pay for her education. Her necklaces were sold online and at a local brick and mortar store. When she moved with her husband to an Army base in Louisiana, there weren't any job openings in her field around post. She took this opportunity to live her full-time artisan dream and pour all of her heart and effort into it. Arthlin was born!

Her family decided to settle down in Auburn, Maine (after driving once through the area). Arthlin has since continued to grow and the designs have received incredible attention, notably a feature by Kendall Jenner (October 2015) and an endorsement by Martha Stewart on Amazon (2016). In 2017, Arthlin was awarded as a Maine State champion in the SCORE American Small Business Championship and recognized as a Woman Owned Small Business of the Year in Maine based on the business' vision, innovation and achievement in the community. Arthlin has now served thousands of customers and hires assistants locally. From a one-woman operation in a corner of a living room - to a growing small American business, Arthlin has been an exciting and fulfilling journey.

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Arthlin P.O. Box Address: 9 N. River Rd #247, Auburn, ME 04210
Email: lincey@arthlin.com
Phone: (607) 323-1370