Jewelry Care

We make your jewelry to last and these care instructions will keep your pieces looking their best:


Jewelry with silver-plated components: When not in use, store your jewelry in their original box filled with non tarnishing  cotton.

If tarnishing occurs with time, dip the chain in a jewelry cleaning solution (avoid touching the other materials) and rinse thoroughly right away. 


Leather jewelry: Wipe clean if necessary. No ironing. 


Lace jewelry: Hand-wash only. Lay flat to dry. Iron on low to medium heat if necessary. Avoid heat directly over rhinestones, including the back of the rhinestones, when applicable.


Velvet jewelry: Hand-wash only. Lay flat to dry. No ironing. Use long roller to remove long on the front (but please don't use it on the back as it would damage the polyester backing). 


Satin jewelry: Hand-wash only. Lay flat to dry. No ironing. 


Magnetic clasps: When opening the clasp, move the magnets sideways instead of pulling them apart. This way, the magnetism will remain strong.