Wooden Jewelry Making Kits

Thank you for purchasing an Arthlin Jewelry Crafting Kit!
We're here to inspire and assist you with any question you may have while making your new jewelry.

It's easy to get started making unique wooden jewelry:
Grab pliers, your favorite finishes and enjoy!

There are many ways to transform the wooden blanks into beautiful earrings.
We've shared some of our favorite ideas on the right.

They are perfect for hosting a craft party, to create unique gifts for your loved ones or to sell as finished jewelry.

Happy crafting!

 Use a pyrography pen to engrave freehand drawings.
Using the same tool, engrave different geometric shape prior to staining or painting. The engraved lines will stop the paint (or wood stain) from running and no primer will be necessary.

Apply primer first, let dry and then use the wooden blanks as small canvas of wearable art. Paint a beautiful scenery, a portrait, personalized pet or fun patterns.

Add fun crafts elements, like die-cut leather, decoupage, rhinestones, beads etc.


1. How to assemble the earrings?

Use two pairs of pliers (we recommend flat nose pliers).
To open the jump rings included in your kit, use pliers to hold a ring. Using the second pair of pliers, fold the ring open either towards or against you. Slip the wooden earring and the ear hook through the opening, making sure your design will fall on the right side when worn.

IMPORTANT: Do not pull the ring apart as it would weaken the metal and give the ring an odd shape in the end.
If it's your first time handling jewelry tools, take a moment to understand the jump ring opening technique at this link (No worries, it's quite easy!):

There are a few extra rings included in each kit to practice.

2. What are the included supplies made of?

The wood blanks are made of American baltic birch plywood B/BB grade laser cut in our Maine studio.
The metal findings are made of hypoallergenic 304 stainless steel.
Lastly, the ear nuts are made of silicone.

3. I'm trying to paint a design with acrylic paints but the paint is running through the wood fibers. How can this be prevented?

When using this technique, make sure to first apply a primer on the wood to create a smooth, sealed surface to paint on.

4. What clear coat finishes do you recommend to protect a finished wooden earring?

To seal your work and the edges of the earrings, you can use anything that is made for wood: Natural finishes oils, acrylic sprays, stains and liquid coatings (oil or water-based).
A general rule of thumb in finishing is that if using an oil-based paint, to use an oil-based finish - and when using a water based paint, to use a water based finish.

Sealant sprays are quick and easy to use. They are available in most craft stores. For a matte finish, Tree House Studio Matte Acrylic Coating Spray is an excellent option.

We also recommend General Finishes line of matte and glossy water-based coatings which are applied using a paintbrush. They are non-toxic and pleasant to work with as they don't a strong smell unlike oil-based finishes. You'll get an extra smooth finish by applying 3 times and sanding gently with 1000 grit (or more) once each coat has dried up.

5. What type of pliers should I use?

To put these together, I recommend using a pair of pliers in each hand. Most jewelry pliers will work to open the jump rings. My personal preference is using two identical narrow flat nose pliers, one in each hand. However, I know a lot of people prefer using needle nose pliers or even chain nose pliers.
The important thing to remember when opening the rings is to "twist" them open (and not pull them apart from left to right as it would weaken the metal greatly).
The following video explains this well: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2OihVBhCes

6. There is a piece with a defect or a piece missing in my kit. How to request a replacement?

Please send an email to lincey@arthlin.com
or click the "Contact us" button below. We'll be in touch shortly to fix any issue with your kit.

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